The appeals court over Broward County family court cases reversed a judgment that voided a post-nuptial agreement between the former spouses.  After nearly two decades of marriage, the couple in 1996 entered in a post-nuptial agreement.  Seven years later, they separated and filed for divorce, but ended up reconciling.  When a couple has a marital settlement.. read more →

Tampa’s appeals court reversed a child support order in which a former husband was found to be voluntarily underemployed.  The former husband was a stay-at-home dad during marriage, but during the last year of marriage, he gained his real estate license and started driving for Uber.  Seizing on the former husband’s testimony that he hoped.. read more →

15 Jun 2020
June 15, 2020

Alimony calculation reversed

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North Florida’s appeals court reversed an order for a former wife to pay $2,000 a month, for five years, to her former husband.  When determining alimony, a trial court must determine: (1) the party’s need for support, (2) the other party’s ability to pay, (3) the types of alimony appropriate in the case, and (4).. read more →

The appeals court for Florida’s Gulf coast reversed a final judgment dissolving a marriage, because the trial court erroneously classified three cars as marital assets.  The former husband bought a truck before the marriage.  Each spouse bought a car after the petition for divorce was filed.  Because the filing for divorce is the cut-off for.. read more →

Broward County’s appeals court recently overturned a local mother’s termination of parental rights.  In this dependency case, the Department of Children and Families failed to prove there was no reasonable basis to believe that the mother would improve regarding her alcoholism. D.C.F. had failed to call any expert witnesses, and the mother had actually successfully.. read more →